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Royal lady-in-waiting compares Prince Harry schism to struggle with own son: 'I write about forgiveness'

EXCLUSIVE – Princess Margaret’s lady-in-waiting Lady Anne Glenconner offered unique insight into the strained relationship between Prince Harry and the Royal Family, comparing it to the struggles she’s faced with her own son and how she’s had to forge her own path to forgiveness.

Glenconner made headlines in recent months for sounding off on Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” telling Fox News Digital it was an “unfortunate” book. Princess Margaret, who was herself a “spare” who would not ascend to the throne, would “never” have written such a book, Glenconner said. While Prince Harry did show up for his father’s coronation earlier this month, it was a brief trip. Harry flew back to California almost as soon as the ceremony concluded, having limited interaction with the rest of the Royal Family, according to reports.

“I think that he came,” Glenconner told Fox News Digital. “He didn’t stay any time at all, but he came.”

“My books, I mean, I write about forgiveness,” Glenconner said. “That’s one of the things I write about in my books, partly because of my son had his awful accident… and I was really, really appalled and upset with this boy, but I realized that until I forgave him, I couldn’t move forward. You know, I couldn’t help Christopher.” 

“Forgiveness is a central message in the Christian faith and, while it is far from easy, I have learned it plays a huge part in getting through the pain and starting to heal,” Glenconner writes in the chapter entitled “Mother” in her new book.

“When Christopher had his accident,” she continues in the book, “I had to forgive him for ignoring my advice not to get on a motorbike. He had not worn a helmet. He was riding pillion at night, and they didn’t see the roadworks they hit. More than that, I had to forgive the other boy involved who was driving the bike and only broke his shoulder.”


Of Harry and his family, Glenconner said she hopes there will be reconciliation, but at the moment she thinks it’s “extremely difficult.”

Glenconner recalled knowing Princes William and Harry as young boys, and marveled at how the latter’s relationship with the family has deteriorated in the wake of his bombshell book.

“I used to know Harry, because my nanny, who looked after my children, Barbara Barnes, went on to look after William and Harry when they were small children,” Glenconner told Fox Digital. “Princess Diana used to ask me and my twin daughters to go see Barbara… and he was such a nice little boy. Such a nice little boy. And I just feel, this whole issue is so bitter, isn’t it? His book was so unfortunate. Why write a book like that?” 

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