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GREG GUTFELD: Excusing theft reduces the respect everyone has for private property

For a leftist party that despises private property, the Dems really do love taking your stuff. 

They let cities burn and businesses close, then demand reparations. You already know the California bill that if signed into law, would make it a crime for employees to require their workers to stop shoplifters… We talked about it. It’s another law that enables criminals while handcuffing their victims. And I don’t mind the handcuffing if there’s role-playing involved, but not at work if you’re trying to do your job. I learned that the hard way with Larry Kudlow. He just went home with the key. 

It’s hard to put those pants on. So as an employee, you got to take it as people ransack your workplace. When does it stop? When does this start including car dealerships or Tiffany’s? Why is it just stuff that you can afford? And how far is too far?

 I can see two cellmates in prison. One is in for rape, the other for stopping a rape. The Soros-funded DAs– they’re just interchangeable. But if you work somewhere, there’s a strong chance you kind of like where you work., even if you’re Judge Jeanine’s assistant. Poor thing. Maybe you manage the place. You might even own it. And imagine someone coming in and doing this, right? 

It’s demoralizing. It’s meant to be demoralizing– to demoral, to remove any possibility of passing moral judgment on a protected class of criminals. They want us to feel like telling rioters to stop rioting is like telling them to stop singing Christmas carols. How heartless are you? So we’re being told it’s not worth it. It’s just merch. 

But how is the store any different from your wallet or your purse? It’s all the same universe. It’s just how invested you are in that stuff. You’re being told not to care. But ultimately, excusing theft reduces the respect everyone has for private property.


Term limits

Speed limits

Well, except when it comes to people who disagree with them, then they limit your speech or your right to run a business your way. This is crazy. It appears that women-only spas where women are naked may be forced to accept men who say they’re women but still have their penises. Yeah, it’s literally a d*** move. Yeah. You don’t want to see a pair of testicles while having a hot stone massage? Too bad that’s on you. The law says you don’t own your business. We do.

So there’s a new bill that would punish parents for misgendering their own children. Translation? Being accurate. Children aren’t property, but they are your children. That’s why you say these are my kids. Well, unless your baby mama is a stripper and your dad is Joe Biden, then it’s ‘I’ve never met those women and that children aren’t mine.’


Conspiracies are done in the dark. This isn’t. Like a parade full of fat guys in thongs, twerking in front of kids. They really aren’t trying to hide it anymore. But how funny, I never see this happen on Martha’s Vineyard. 

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