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Dinosaur quiz! How much do you know about these prehistoric creatures?

The amazing world of dinosaurs is a wonder for all.

As scientists, paleontologists and others continue to unravel evidence from millions of years of prehistoric activity — including the activities of such iconic creatures as dino king T. Rex — there is still much to learn about those that once roamed the Earth. 

In this fun lifestyle quiz, test your knowledge of dinosaurs — see how well you do!

Dinosaur quiz! How much do you know about prehistoric beasts?

Test your knowledge of dinosaurs in this fun and engaging lifestyle quiz!

In which of these periods did Tyrannosaurus Rex live?

Dinosaur fossils have been found on all seven continents true or false?

Stegosaurus was extinct for 66 million years before T. rex every roamed Earth – true or false?

How many million years ago did dinosaurs go extinct?

How many horns did Triceratops have?

How many pounds of meat could a T. rex eat in just one bite?

Which dinosaur had a neck long enough to reach high tree branches?

Ankylosaurus had what kind of weapon on the end of its tail?

Quetzalcoatlus, one of the largest flying animals in known history, had a wingspan that stretched how many feet wide?

Which of these dinosaurs was a carnivore?

Which of these is the only species of dinosaur lineage to survive mass extinction?

On which continent have the most dinosaur fossils been found?

Which dinosaur was known to swim?

Despite its carnivorous tendencies, Velociraptor was the size of which of these?

The word dinosaur means which of these in Greek?

Try again!


You’ve got some work to do!

You’re almost a genius!

You’re a genius!

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